The social media behemoth is targeting companies requiring video-centric pages, such as TV networks, film producers and fashion houses.

Facebook, the social-media behemoth reaching more than 1.3 billion registered users, is wooing companies where videos are centre to their business, such as TV networks, film producers and fashion designers.

Currently, videos are included in users’ Facebook timelines in the sequential order of the content they upload, including text and photos. But now Facebook is offering businesses the option to have pages designed with videos as the focus.

In fact, as the Wall Street Journal noted, the new video pages are similar to the ones YouTube is known for.

You have a main video at the top of the page, followed by a playlist of “must-see” videos underneath, and then an album of thumbprint-sized screens of the remaining video content.

An example is this page being trialled for the US broadcast channel ABC News.

The move has been encouraged by data that showed Facebook’s video views per month increasing 50% during last summer compared to the year before, and hitting 1 billion views per day by September. The growth figures prove that the company’s decision to introduce auto-play videos and auto-play online commercials is working.

The social media giant is equally experimenting to see if the videos can be monetized without annoying existing subscribers. To this end, it is trying out post-roll ads, which are online commercials that come on after the video and not before as with the more prevalent pre-roll ads.

The US’ National Football League (NFL), for example, has been hosting a page of video clips featuring post-roll video ads for US telecoms group Verizon.

With ZenithOptimedia predicting online video ads growing a healthy 5.3% next year, followed by a 5.9% hike in 2016, you cannot blame Facebook for trying.

TechCrunch also observed that Facebook is taking on not only YouTube when it comes to targeting companies. Services similar to crowd-sourced reviews portal Yelp and the Google Index for websites are also available.