Business, Design

Issue No.11 Oct – Nov 2015

The quarterly newsletter that keeps track of technology breaking the boundaries surrounding traditional media and content platforms, and the technologists making a difference. 

News Analysis: Industrial design guru Yves Béhar talks digital technology + smart design = great entrepreneurs; Why streaming tech in emerging markets could be piracy’s greatest foe to date; How computer-generated humans started to replace Hollywood’s leading stars 

Numbers that Count: The Top 15 Global TechMutineers; The growing venture capital investment in Europe

Start-Ups’ Standpoint: Beacon  & Lively (wearable technology); UniqueSound (music discovery)

Disruption Directory (tech impacting the creative sectors): advertising/marketing; architecture/design; books/print media; fashion; games; music; photography; social media; television; extra

Oct-Nov 2015

Issue No.11