Welcome to TechMutiny the Bulletin, the new, more regular, offshoot of the Disruption Directory section inside TechMutiny, the magazine.

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TechMutiny the Bulletin keeps track of technologies catapulting the media, entertainment and creative (MEC) sectors from the analog-heavy 20th century to the digitally driven 21st century.

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Augmented Reality (AR); from dependence on Algorithms to the future demands of Generation Alpha; from NFTs to live-streaming networks – covering advanced tech developments in the MEC industries is the mission of TechMutiny the Bulletin.

TechMutiny the Bulletin examines how tech disrupts the following sectors:
Advertising/Marketing; Architecture/Design; Audio; Alternate Reality; Fashion/Luxury; Film/Video; Live Entertainment; Music; Print Media/Books; Photography/Art; Social Media; Sports; Television + more.

If your job is to understand how tech will overhaul the way you do business in the creative industries, TechMutiny the Bulletin is for you.

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