This is what we do.

Our Services

Journalism and research using easy-to-understand English language to help decision makers and business strategists within the international media, entertainment and creative (MEC) businesses be better informed, more agile, for their next move

Reliable coverage of who is doing what with technology and how, in Film,  Television, Music,  Advertising & Marketing, Games, Sports, Books & Print Media. Photography, Fashion, Art, Architecture & Design.

We use our top-notch journalism skills to produce and publish original Special Reports based on in-depth research and interviews.

Our insights into how technology is disrupting and reinventing the MEC sectors are second to none.


News service: Up-to-date news bulletins.

Magazine: An interactive platform with Exclusive Interviews, Analyses, Features, Colorful Anecdotes and Statistics.

Online articles: A look at events, debates, regulations and announcements that might impact how the tech industry serves your creative business and creativity.

TechMutiny Insights

Research and surveys to explore what the tech sectors want and need to know to serve the creative industries more effectively.

The TechMutineers

A regular focus on the titanic tech conglomerates that are, for better or worse, turning into some of the biggest investors in and owners of creative intellectual properties.