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TechMutiny Insights – March 2016

Could investors be doing more to back the tech start-ups revolutionizing the media, entertainment and creative (MEC) industries?

Here are some of the surprising findings in the inaugural TechMutiny Insights research report:

A majority of the interviewees (56%) said they had a tough time topping up their original seed investment.

Corporate investment from the MEC industries is also lacking as the biggest single share of those questioned (43%) said they struggled to find senior decision makers who understood the benefits of digital technology.

Music had the most casualties in terms of the proportion (37.2%) of related start-ups that burned out, crashed and closed during the period surveyed. But acquiring licensing rights to music is a brutally complex business that most fledgling tech companies are rarely prepared for.

Publisher: TechMutiny
Research manager: Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

March 2016

TechMutiny Insights